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Jason Kulpa, Founder of The Kulpa Foundation, Shares a Deeper Look Into His Partnership With Special Olympics

Kulpa connected with the mission of the Special Olympics and saw the success of their impact after personally meeting some of their athletes in the San Diego community.

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Entrepreneurs that align their passion for responsible social actions with their journey to business success are the movers and shakers of today’s age. Organizations that strive to give back to their communities or environment in one way or another are the kind of businesses that people look to support. These companies positively contribute back to the world as they grow through methods such as basing product production on ecofriendly or sustainable solutions or partnerships with other organizations that promote positive social awareness and opportunities.


Jason Kulpa, Founder of and The Kulpa Foundation, has a personal mission to bring awareness, support, and inclusion for special needs causes. His passion for special needs was not only the fire behind launching The Kulpa Foundation, but also the reason for his partnership with San Diego’s Special Olympics.


The Start to a Valued Partnership


Kulpa began his partnership with the Special Olympics in San Diego in 2018 through his company, San Diego’s Fastest Growing Business multi-year award winner, and a Certified Great Place to Work multi-year winner. Through volunteerism and his generous donations, Kulpa has helped programs for the Special Olympics come to life.


Leaders of the Special Olympics say that their real work shows through improving the lives of their athletes, volunteers, their family, the community. Brian Richter, the Special Olympics Southern California Regional Director in San Diego stated, “We are providing a place for our athletes to increase self-esteem, find friendship and learn just life lessons through sport. It’s also changing the lives of our volunteers… the athletes are great to be around. It becomes the highlight of their week or their year even, for some of our competitions. For some of our athletes, it is the highlight of what they do.”

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Kulpa connected with the mission of the Special Olympics and saw the success of their impact after personally meeting some of their athletes in the San Diego community.


“It was imperative to me to engage and challenge my staff at UE to be involved and come to volunteer at our events with the Special Olympics. Some of them even began coaching at some of our practices on a weekly basis. I was looking to enrich their lives as well, introduce them to the special needs programs we supported,” said Kulpa. The Special Olympics were thrilled and appreciative of Kulpa not only providing financial support but the aid of volunteers and valuable coaches who could help be involved and spread the awareness, too.


From Company Support to Individual


Through, Kulpa raised $25,000 for support in 2019, and volunteered the use of office space for a Special Olympics event.


After Kulpa sold his company, the Special Olympics received an exciting call from Kulpa informing them that he would continue his passion for supporting the organization as an individual through his new foundation, The Kulpa Foundation. The Special Olympics is grateful for the support Kulpa remains to show and thankful to continue to hear his most common phrase, “Let me know what you need. What do you need? What are your most important needs? Let me know.”


Since his switch to personally supporting the Special Olympics, Kulpa contributed $7,000 towards their basketball program across the country and became a title sponsor for spring game events with an additional $10,000 donation.


“I think it shows his commitment and belief in what we do. We are so grateful for that, the trust too. That he trusts us and he trusts what we do, and he knows it’s important. It’s not just kicking the ball here; this is truly impacting lives. I think Jason gets it and he wants to be a part of it and support it,” stated Mr. Richter.

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